Preserving Your Memories with VHS to DVD Transfer

We all have them. Gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the house. VHS Tapes have been with many of us throughout our lives, but the simple fact of the matter is that these simply do not last forever. Tapes can be worn out, dust can cause scratches, memories can be lost.


Except they don’t have to be.


For a small cost, Hollow Dell Media are able to transform these memories into a digital package that will stand the test of time. Simply post or deliver your VHS Tape to the provided address with a SAE and it will be returned to you as soon as the process is complete. Final product available as a digital download, flash drive or DVD.


Please note that Hollow Dell Media will not process copyrighted material or distribute personal video.

Digital Memories

Treasured Memories

  • Confidential Treatment

  • VHS returned by Standard Post

  • Footage available by Google Drive

  • Optional DVD or USB

  • Confidential Treatment

  • VHS returned by Recorded Post

  • Footage available by Google DriveDVD or USB

  • Bespoke DVD cover or case

*(+£5 for DVD or USB)

*(+£5 for additional DVD or USBs)

Interested in either of the above? Contact us now!

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