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Welcome to the new look Hollow Dell Media!

Hello and welcome to the new Hollow Dell Media website!

Hollow Dell Media has been our baby since 2013, and despite plenty of personal dramas, family matters and long guilt-ridden hangovers, it has been growing steadily since then. It was made as a way to produce content and be the main focus for a creative outlet for me and Rob - with an eye on film projects and general silliness.

As time went on, I fell into video production - particularly wedding videography - and educational workshops for North Herts College and Hollow Dell Media began to lean more and more on this. I took this with me to Plymouth in 2016, and now, finally, it has found a settled home back in Hitchin where it was born.

But what are we doing now?

Things really kicked off in 2018. First off, I started a YouTube channel with my old housemate Nick, which we called From The Sofa. Here we focused on video reviews and live streaming for television and video games. It was fun to do - and served to attract the attention of North Herts Radio (formerly North Herts FM), who approached us and asked us if we would like to start a show on the community radio station along the same lines as From The Sofa.

Rob in the North Herts Radio OB Studio

And so we did! Nick stepped aside as Rob took the co-host role and we've been creating radio and podcast content under the title 'Screen Bucket' ever since. The increased exposure pushed us to start putting some serious weight on our film projects, and in no time at all, we started Pre-Production on a short horror-comedy called QUOGGERS!

On set with Quoggers (Photo Credit to Tristan Wood)

Based on a script I wrote back in 2016 (itself inspired by an unfinished film Rob and I made at North Herts College in 2007), Quoggers is a practical effects laden splatstick film following two couples on a camping trip to the woods - where things quickly go wrong. By the end, the blood-soaked survivors are fighting back against a horde of pint-sized rubber puppets who are only after one thing.

And it isn't a good thing.

So, that's us right now. Between fortnightly radio shows, an ongoing beast of a film and various projects in between, Hollow Dell Media is pushing hard. We are still working on video production projects (including wedding videography), editing and VHS transfer in the Hitchin area - and if that is something you're interested in, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Otherwise, if you are interested in our other projects then please head to the relevant links up top, and if you would like to support us then please head to our Patreon page. For less than a cup of coffee, you can make a huge difference to us and help us make the best projects we can.

For now, though, have a look around our new site and stay tuned for more from us soon!

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