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30 Day Film Challenge - COMPLETE!

If you already follow us on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll have seen throughout June, we’ve been keeping busy taking part in Cineworld’s #30DayFilmChallenge, where you’re given certain categories and types of film for each day of June and asked to let them know/watch the film in question.

We decided to go a different route, and recreate shots from each time we choose, taking turns between Adam, Rob & Josh to choose a film and get to work! All of these pictures were taken and edited on our phones, with a thorough lack of planning, as is our style.

Just in case you missed out, here's our 30 days of film, condensed into one handy blog post! You're WELCOME!

Day 1 - First film you saw at the cinema (Star Wars IV - Adam)

Day 2 - Film you watched over and over as a kid (Godzilla 1998 - Rob)

Day 3 - Film that makes you laugh out loud (The Naked Gun - Josh)

Day 4 - Film that starts with “the” (The Big Lebowski - Adam)

Day 5 - A film that’s underrated (Dredd - Rob)

Day 6 - A film you put on when you’re sad (The Mask - Josh)

Day 7 - A film you want to see on the big screen (Starship Troopers - Adam)

Day 8 - Favourite film set in space (Barbarella. Yes. Really. Blame Rob.)

Day 9 - Film with a soundtrack you love (The Guest - Josh)

Day 10 - Film that is also a book you love (Catch 22 - Adam)

Day 11 - Film that made you cheer at the cinema (The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King - Rob)

Day 12 - A film that left you confused (The Visit - Josh)

Day 13 - Film that made you want to travel (The Beach - Adam)

Day 14 - Favourite film from your least favourite genre (Titanic - Rob)

Day 15 - A film that broke your heart (I Am Legend - Josh)

Day 16 - A film with a number in the title (Twelve Monkeys - Adam)

Day 17 - Your favourite animated film (Spirited Away - Rob)

Day 18 - A film you couldn’t stop thinking about (Mad Max: Fury Road - Josh)

Day 19 - A film set in the future (Alien - Adam)

Day 20 - A film that scared you (Scream - Rob)

Day 21 - A film that made you want to fall in love (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World - Adam)

Day 22 - Your favourite film set in a fantasy world (Labyrinth - Adam)

Day 23 - A film that means a lot to you personally (The Goonies - Rob)

Day 24 - A film made by your favourite director (Thor Ragnarok - Josh)

Day 25 - A film that inspired you (The Evil Dead - Adam)

Day 26 - A film that made you feel happy (American Pie 2 - Rob)

Day 27 - Your favourite superhero film (Super - Josh)

Day 28 - A film that changed your life (Bad Taste - Adam)

Day 29 - A film you didn’t want to end (Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets - Rob)

Day 30 - A film with a beautiful ending (Time Bandits - Josh)

Phew! Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments!

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