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Day 11 of Adam's 31 Days Of Horror - and this time we're up for the first Chucky sequel - Child's Play 2 (1990)!




Hi! I’m- Adam! And I’m your friend ‘til the end! Hi De Ho!


Ha ha ha!


That’s right! Day 11 and Chucky’s back in 1990’s Child’s Play 2 and perhaps a little recap is in order. See, there’s this guy - this murderer guy, called Charles Lee Ray, or, to his friends - Chucky, played by Brad Dourif. On the run from the cops, Charles is cornered in a toy shop where he is able to invoke ancient magic to conceal his soul in a toy doll - a specific “Good Guy” doll, to be exact.


Chucky eventually winds up with a kid called Andy, who Chucky wants to swap souls with to be human again. A handful of murders later, and Chucky is eventually burned to ash - with Andy and his mum safe - for the moment.


Child’s Play 2 picks up two years later, with a traumatised Andy now in foster care. Despite press coverage, no one believes the story of the killer doll - although the company that makes the dolls is curious.


Re-assembling and patching up the remains of Chucky, the scientists run tests on the doll - but are mysteriously killed by electrocution - resurrecting the dormant killer. Chucky is back - and he wants Andy.


But will his new foster parents believe Andy’s tales? Or will they think he’s insane when he keeps repeating that, “Chucky did it.” - and, more importantly, will they survive to tell the tale?


The answer is no, obviously. Child’s Play 2 is full of dumb kills, sassy Chucky dialogue and a chase through a Willy Wonka toy factory. It’s good fun, but, unfortunately it is just more of the same.


As sequels go, this isn’t a great one - but if you, like me, love seeing a foul mouthed toy run around swearing at innocent bystanders, then you won’t go far wrong here.

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